Sunday, May 4, 2014

A New Local

Well...this is awkward...I've ignored this blog for a year and half ...and now I've just showed up...out of nowhere.

A lot has changed. My job, my home, my family...change is good, right? Ok, well, not all change.

It's Spring!
Historically Spring has meant...

Volunteering at Seattle Tilth's March Edible Plant Sale...

Biking to work

Prepping all of our raised beds for the March planting...

Visiting endless fields of tulips...

But none of that happened this year.
I actually like change, in fact, I crave some change. I enjoy making new family traditions and exploring fresh concepts.  I paid for change, I worked hard for change but then I got way more change then I ordered.  There's no way around it, this year has been hard for me. I've definitely been trying to reach for a foothold; something to feel familiar and traditional. The same as it was. But it isn't.
So, now what?  Well. Honestly. I'm not sure but I think it involves growing tomatoes, visiting my farmer's market, and hugging the ones I love.
Now to get creative and find the sun at our new place. More on that soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Online shopping ideas…more than Amazon…

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m addicted to and an avid prime user. They generally have the best deal and hundreds of people who have reviewed it. They are my favorite store for stuff that can’t easily be found locally but they are also just a great reference.  When shopping locally I’ll frequently find myself on my phone’s amazon app reading reviews and comparing prices. If I find that the prices aren’t more than 15-18% I generally still buy it local to support those businesses.

But what if you are looking for something unique, clever…perfect for that special someone. I think that stuff actually hard to find on Amazon – no offense to my gentle giant.

Enter two great alternative shopping websites…

Great for hand or custom made goods. There are some really talented artisans on there and you can even search to find ones in your own town! If RPGs towns had a website it would be 

Of course, there are some more regrettable goods out there but to each their own.

This site is chocked full of amazing alternative goodness! Much of which is made in the USA!! They have something for everyone and I’m guessing you’ll find at least one thing you can’t live without. Consider yourself warned.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Peeping Tomatoes!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I’m a test gardener. I’m testing out a growing tomatoes with their kits. Each week I take photos, keep track of watering and monitor how much fruit each plant is producing. Since they are growing in containers I can take advantage of fantastic sun on the side of our house. So the plants are up against our house and I stand between our house and the fence to take photos. 

So tonight I was out there looking at them, and taking my weekly photos.  Because of their height I have to hold the camera over my head to get a top-down view of them.  Like so…IMG_8831_1

Right after I took the photo the neighbor’s two dogs came over barking like crazy! I nearly jumped out of my skin!

I heard a lady call over the dogs all angry.

Then she said,  “The neighbor is taking pictures of us over the fence!”

I spoke up and said, “Actually, I’m taking picture of my plants over here on the side of the house.”

Neighbor, “Yeah right. Whatever.”

Me, “No really, I’m documenting my tomato plants! I’m doing it for gardener’, you can come over and see.”

Neighbor, “Yeah. I don’t believe that.” and so on. Then a bunch of stuff I couldn’t hear.

Geez some people.

My camera wasn’t even pointed in the direction of their house! I’m guessing my tomatoes are waaaay more interesting (and delicious)! Smile with tongue out

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Garden Treasures, Plants & Produce

My mom and I stumbled upon this place


They have a cute country gift shop and the main store is pretty basic with fresh, local produce and eggs. I did find that some things were very expensive. For example, I bought a 1/2 flat of organic blueberries at the farmer’s market (from a farm located in this same area) for 15 bucks and it was 24 bucks at this farm store! In contrast, I bought enough zucchini to make a batch of relish for 4 bucks.

After I looked through the store I saw signs that said ‘u-pick tour’ so I started wandering around the property. At first it seemed like a mediocre plant nursery but then I turned a corner and found this…


So we grabbed a wagon to explore some more!


I’m going in…if I don’t come back in 10 minutes, I did it for the relish!


Give me the mozzarella, balsamic glaze and some alone time…


The smell was intoxicating! *ahem*


Speaking of mozzarella, if you’re local to me, I gotta say that the best fresh mozzarella we’ve found is from Samish Bay Cheese at the Saturday Redmond Market!!!  It’s very addictive and fantastic on pizza!

Anyway, back to the u-pick tour…

We had a fabulous time! We’ll be back when we can spend even more time picking! Definitely worth the drive (about 45 minutes north of us), especially considering there is also a great butcher and a kangaroo farm off the same exit!

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